Jan. 23, 2022

The Pain of COVID

The Pain of COVID

Years ago there was a radio broadcaster named Paul Harvey who would tell stories of ordinary people who did things out of the ordinary. His most famous tag line was "And now, the rest of the story." I told my COVID story, but there were so many holes in it because a story is not complete until all parts have been told. On tomorrow you will hear the rest of the story. And even then, details can be distorted and forgotten because trauma affects our brains in different ways.

My guests today on "Restored - A Journey to Healing and Wholeness are my sisters, Vanessa Jeffries and Vickie Bowe. I have titled this episode "The Pain of COVID." Listen as they talk about how they felt as they suffered and watched their loved ones suffer. Coping with loss is hard and learning to live beyond trauma and grief can be challenging, however, they both say they couldn't have done it without prayer, faith, and the love and assistance of community.

Vanessa is my oldest sister. She is now the glue to the family. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend to many, and has one of the biggest hearts I've witnessed. Bright and early every morning, without fail, she sends us a quote and Bible verse to start our day. Some days that message is "right on time," if you understand what I mean.

Vickie is the baby of the family. She was the one closest in proximity to dad and mom and took on the role of checking on them EVERY day. Her tenacity and love for family are two of her stronger characteristics.

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