Vernita Inspires


While attending sessions with Vernita, clients have intentionally taken positive steps toward a renewed mindset, experienced improved efficiency and increased effectiveness in business operations, and made significant progress toward making confident decisions personally and professionally.

Vernita Bowe is ready to serve you and can assist in the following areas:


Mindset Coaching focuses on leaving the past in the past and taking the learned experiences to navigate a more prosperous future.

Career Coaching empowers others to use their current knowledge to create the life they imagined by removing the stigma of tradition and moving forward toward purpose with purpose.

Grief and Loss Coaching - Vernita understands that a healthy path to return to living beyond grief and loss is a reality. And sometimes the success of the process will depend on someone who can provide simplicity when everything seems complicated.


  • Moving Beyond Trauma to the Create Life You Imagined
  • Building a Career from Learned Experiences
  • Using Your Story to Impact the Lives of Others
  • Renew Your Mind - Reveal Your Purpose

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