Jan. 9, 2022

Lean Not To Your Own Understanding

Lean Not To Your Own Understanding

It's time for another episode of "Restored - A Journey to Healing and Wholeness." Calling all people who say that COVID is a hoax, this episode of my COVID Chronicles is for you. If you have been affected by COVID in any way, this episode which is titled "Lean Not To Your Own Understanding" is for you.

If you have gotten sick during this pandemic and were in denial that you had COVID, please listen to this episode. Know this, denying something does not make it untrue. The Bible records that we should "lean not to our own understanding." Y'all know the heart is fickle. And when a fickle heart and a confused mind marry, the result will most likely be separation from the truth.

Listen as this week's guest, Terri Hailstock Carter, talks about how she forgot about self and prayed for others as she wrestled with this disease. Hear as she talks about her denial and the embarrassment of telling others that she had COVID.

Terri is a wife, a mother to two sons, a best friend, and an entrepreneur. She is the owner of Carrie Mae LLC where she makes and sells handmade jewelry. Visit the website at www.carriemae.com. You will not be disappointed!