Feb. 27, 2022

Keep Your Faith In God

Keep Your Faith In God

Let's talk about divorce shall we. Not just any kind of divorce, but when you get married for all the wrong reasons and everything about it leads you away from Christ. Have you ever felt like the prodigal son and drifted away only to have to return to wise counsel and to Christ?

Let's also talk about prostate cancer. Although this disease has claimed many lives, there is a high survival rate if caught in the early stages of the disease. My guest this week is a survivor!

Let me introduce you to Dr. Alton Kornegay. He will share his divorce and cancer story and will talk about God's restorative power. He will also discuss the importance of being grounded in faith.

Dr. Alton Kornegay is a husband, father, and grandfather, a great grandfather and an Associate Minister at Oak Ridge First Baptist Church in Oak Ridge, North Carolina. He has a Ph.D. in Industrial Education and Technology, an Executive MBA, and a B.S. in Electronic Engineering Technology. He has taught at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Georgia Southern University, and Iowa State University. He has worked at John Deere Des Moines Works, Wagner Electric Corporation, and McDonnell Douglas Corporation and served five years in the United States Air Force in the Avionics Division. Dr. Kornegay is a lifelong learner and at 78 is still investing in himself by taking courses to become more knowledgeable.