Vernita Inspires

Vernita Bowe

Vernita Bowe is an inspiring motivational speaker, mindset coach, and licensed minister. She is committed to empowering others with the knowledge needed to move from a place of stagnation to a place of growth. Vernita is honest and open about her intentional journey to healing and provides training to others who are ready to be transformed by renewing their minds. Her own personal encounters with impeding workplace issues, loss, divorce, serious illness and abuse have equipped her with the vision to engage and equip others with the necessary tools to have success personally and professionally.

Vernita has a bachelors in Business Management, masters in Christian Ministries, and is certified as a professional speaker. She has years of experience working with individuals and groups who want to move forward toward purpose with purpose by improving their mindset. She has spoken on several live shows to include the Martine Emmons Show which featured her on Transformation Talk Radio and has been a keynote speaker at the Global Speakers Summit hosted by World-Renowned Motivational Speaker and Visionary, Dr. Cheryl Wood.